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What are the best dog cooling products?

That’s a great question for those hot summer months.

Keeping your dog cool during warm weather is essential for preventing heat stroke and dehydration in dogs.

You probably already know that heat can harm your dog’s health. Keeping them cool is a top priority as a dog owner.

But what are you to do when your furry dog loves to play all day?

Well, there are a few genius products that can help you.

Pet rookie have found 12 great dog products that will cool your dog down in no time.

Let’s check them out.

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Best Dog Cooling Products | Keep your dog cool in the heat. These 12 products will help prevent your dog overheating during the summer. Pet Rookie


12 Best Dog Cooling Products

1. Dog Cooling Mat

Those hot days make your dog just want to laze around in the shade. But When it’s pretty much hot as the sun outside, even the shade can be unbearable. Just think how your dog feels.

A dog cooling mat is ideal for them to lie on. One your dog rests on one of these mats, they will instantly cool them down.

The Green Pet shop mat is fantastic. You can get sizes from small dogs up to extra large dogs. It provides a cool surface for up to 3 hours for your dog.

It only takes 20 minutes to re-cool, without using electricity or a refrigerator.

The surface is lightweight and can be wiped down with a wet cloth.

It’s a great product for use in your home or you can put in the back of your car when traveling.

2. Elevated Pet Bed

If your dog loves a dog bed to sleep in you can try an elevated pet ped.

These beds are ideal as they lift your dog off the ground. That means there is enough room underneath your dog to allow airflow to keep them cool.

The Coolaroo is the original elevated pet bed. The available sizes range from small to extra large. And with a range of 4 colors, you’ll find one to suit your décor.

These type of beds are sturdy and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. That means they are ideal for all types of weather including rain and snow.

3. Dog Cool Vest

Help to keep your dog cool with a cooling vest. Just like a dog jacket, this wraps around your dog and clips into place.

The Vest is soaked in water and attached to your dog. The water then keeps them cool throughout the day.

The Ruffwear Swamp cooler is the best dog cooling vest. It’s made of three layers to keep your dog extra cool. The top layer lets heat escape, the middle layer holds onto the water, and the third layer cools your dog.

You can keep your dog cool throughout the day simply by pouring water over the vest. Sizes are available from xx-small to x-large.

These vests are ideal for active dogs who can quickly overheat in hot weather.

4. Dog Cooling Collar

A great alternative for an active dog who doesn’t want to wear a vest is a cooling collar.

These collars are more like a dog bandana that wrap over your dog’s neck.

The cooling works similar to a vest, as in they need to be soaked, to provide a cooling action for your dog.

The best cooling collar is the K9 Chill Collar. It’s a light fabric that suitable for dogs who are used to collars or leashes. The design is great for walking on hot days as it has an area to attach your leash to keep it in place.

A great budget-friendly way to help your dog cool down.

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5. Dog Cooling Towel

For super active dogs who need a little more cooling than a banadana, opt for a dog cooling towel.

Again the towel is soaked and placed over your dog to provide a cool layer in the heat.

A cooling towel can cover most of your dog’s body. That important for dogs who are at higher risk of overheating or very active.

The Way 2 Cool towel is the best option for your dog. It comes available in sizes small to large. Plus you can get it in a pink or a blue pattern.

These towels can also be used for your dog to lie down on the ground.

6. Dog Pool

The best way for your dog to cool down is by submerging in water. If you don’t have a pool in your garden, bring one to them.

A small dog paddling pool is the right size for your dog to splash about and have fun in the sun.

The Jasonwell Foldable Dog Bath is ideal because you don’t need spend time blowing it up. It simply folds into place, and them collapse down when you don’t need it.

The material is thick enough to withstand your dog’s rough play. Plus the nonslip coating will keep them safe from injury.

7. Cool Bowl

Access to fresh. Cool water is essential for preventing your dog from dehydrating. Water will help you cool your dog internally to stop overheating.

The K&H Coolin’ Bowl is the best water bowl for hot days. It can hold up to 96 ounces which is more than a large dog daily water allowance. Although there is a 35-ounce version for smaller dogs.

It works by placing The bowl in the freezer overnight. The next day it provides up to 15 hours of cold water.

8. Cooling Chew Toy

A dog chew toy that is freezable is ideal for your dog on a hot day. Simply fill it up with a freezable treat or water. Your dog can chew away and get a lovely cooling treat at the same time.

The is the best toy for this. It has a large compartment that can be filled with freezer friendly treats.

The food reward will entertain your dog, and hydrate them at the same time.

9. Dog Sprinkler

Got a dog that’s easy to train. Then a dog sprinkler is perfect for them to keep cool.

You’ll need a garden (to prevent a mess) and a hose to attach it to. The sprinkler then lets out a bit of water when your dog jumps on the pad.

The TrioGato dog sprinkler is our favorite. It takes a bit of training to get your dog used to it. However, once they get the hang of how it works, it will provide hours of cool entertainment.

10. All Weather Dog House – Petmate Indigo Dog House All-Weather Protection

Shade is essential for your dog when they are hot. If you have a dog that spends a lot of time outdoors, provide them with a den.

The Petmate Indigo Dog house is an ideal space for your dog when it’s hot. This dog house is kept cool when it’s hot. There is also a vent at the tip which allows airing inside to circulate.

There are sizes available from medium to extra large. You can also buy accessories to make the den more comfortable through all seasons.

11. Crate Fan

When the temperature soars you reach for the fans to keep cool. Well, why not do the same for your pooch?

If your dog has a crate, keep them cool while they rest. A clip fan can be attached to your dog’s crate and create a nice cool breeze for your dog.

This fan is a great buy, you’ll be able to keep your dog comfortable through the day.

This is ideal for older dogs who struggle to move around in the heat.

12. Dog Boots

When you live in a hot climate, it can be difficult to time your dog walks. You don’t wait to go at peak time because you can harm your dog paws on hot pavements.
A dog boot is a thing you need. Let your dog walk comfortably on hot days with dog boots.

The Busy Dog bootshave a great design. The sole is non-slip and flexible enough for your dog to have great movement.

These dogs are fantastic if you’re active with your dog such as going hiking.


When it get’s hot outside its time to keep your dog cool.

This guide has shown you 12 genius products that can help you keep your dog from overheating.

I Hope you find one that works for you and your dog.