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Looking for the best dog nail cutters?

Which dog nail clippers are the best? Our readers have spoken!

These are the Best Rated Dog Nail Clippers chosen By Pet Rookie Readers

If you’re starting to hear the clickity-clack of your dog’s nails on the curb or your flooring, it’s time for a trim.

Unless you have a very active dog that is always outdoors, you’ll need to trim your dog nails regularly.

Cutting your dogs nails is essential to their health. In fact, leaving your dogs nails too long can result in infection, nerve damage and poor posture.

Never mind using your regular scissors. You need proper dog cutters that can cope with your dog’s nails. The design of these cutters will cut through, thick, tough nails to protect their shape.

There’s always the fear you’ll hurt your dog when trimming their nails, you want your choice to be the right one.

What are the best dog nail cutters? Check out what other dog parents think.

ANY of the 5 dog nail cutters on the list are great options that you should be very happy with.

5 Best Dog Nail Cutters

1. Safari Dog Nail Clippers

Pros: Inexpensive, small and large sizes available, soft handle grip

Cons: dull easily, no instructions for beginners

The Safari dog clippers are the best rated dog nail clippers on Amazon. In my opinion, they are the best dog nail clippers for thick nails. It’s not hard to see why when you compare their performance to the price. At under $10, they are a steal.

The stainless steel scissor-shaped blades are perfect for cutting through tough dog nails. And whether you have a pug or a German shepherd, the range of sizing will suit your dog.

The handle is well designed and easy to use. That’s important if your dog is reluctant to get their nails cut. Just one easy press and the job is done.

If you’re scared of cutting your dog’s nails, the quick sensor feature will prevent you going deep into the quick. That’s perfect for preventing your dog getting hurt and bleeding. This feature makes the Safari Dog Clippers the best dog clippers for black nails.

2. Epica Pet Nail Clipper

Pros: Secure handle, locking safety feature, lifetime warranty

Cons: Not great for dogs with very thick nails

The Epica Pet nail clippers are a  close second place. These nail clippers come with over 3000 reviews on Amazon and 4.8stars, which shows the quality. The reviews say they are one of the best large dog nail clippers.

Again they come in at under $10, which is a bargain for good quality clippers.

The handle on these are fantastic; you can grip well with one hand. All it takes is one squeeze to cut. Honestly, it’s perfect if your dog won’t stay still as you trim their nails.

There is a safety locking feature which closes the scissors when not in use. The only downside was that this feature sometimes activated after a cut, which was a little annoying when using them.

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3. Resco Original Deluxe Dog Clippers

Pros: comfortable handle, sharp, lifetime warranty

Con: blades need replaced

The Resco Original Deluxe are the best guilltoine dog nail clippers.  The brand is made in the USA and fantastic quality.

If you have a larger dog, you may find these cut better than the scissor style of clippers. The blade is extremely sharp which cut through tough nails easily. Although you’ll need to replace the blade now and then to keep it from dulling.

This style is available in a cheaper model without the handle grips. Choose the deluxe style; it makes it so much easier to clip your dog’s nails without your hands slipping down the handle.

4. Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Pros: hi/lo rotation settings, cordless, alternative to clippers

Cons: Pricey compared to clippers, noisy

If you’re dog hates getting their nails clipped try the Dremel Pet Grinder Tool. That way to can file your dog’s nails rather than clip them.

That means they are at less risk of cutting the quick and hurting your dog.

The tool has two speed setting Hi and lo. Start off slowly to get your dog used to the sensation. When they are comfortable with the Dremel, crank it up to the higher setting.

Using a grinder takes around 10-15 minutes, so make sure your dog will be able to handle that length of time.

5. Shiny Pet Nail Clippers

Pros: scissor-shaped handle, ideal for small dogs, good for dewclaws

Cons: won’t handle large, tough nails

The Shiny Pet nail clippers are the best nail clippers for small dogs. The handle on these is perfect for keeping your small dog stable and cutting at the same time.

The size makes them ideal for cutting dewclaws, which are short and often missed.

The shape of the handle is ideal if you don’t have a lot of strength in your hand or dexterity issues.

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Best Type of Dog Nail Clippers

There are three different types of dog nails clippers. Each one has their benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at each style.

Scissors clippers

This style is has a blade similar to scissors. You’ll agree they look more like pliers. The handle has a press function, and the blades are curved.

This style of dog clippers is often better for dogs as it cuts vertically causing less squeeze on the nail.

Scissor-style cutter are a bit hit and miss when your dog has tough nails. This is probably due to them blunting quicker. One the blade blunts you’ll need to shapen it or buy a new set of clipeprs.

Guillotine clippers

The guillotine style of dog clippers do as the name says. The blade is pressed upward as the handle is squeezed and slices just like a guillotine.

As you can change the blades in this style, you’ll find that they can work better for tough nails as they keep sharp. A lot of owners think the guillotine style is best nail clippers for large breed dogs.

The downside is that this style of cutter is more uncomfortable for dogs as it squashed the nail horizontally as you cut.


A grinder is like a large electric nail file for your dog. It’s the perfect solution for dogs who don’t ‘do clippers’ or if you’re nervous about using clippers.

The good news is that it’s much easier to use for beginners and it takes away the fear and stress of hurting your dog.

Grinders can be quite noisy, so you may need to desensitize your dog to the sound (hint: use lots of treats). They are also more expensive to buy than clippers and need replacement filing bands as they wear out.

Dog Nail Clippers Buying Guide

Dog Clippers can be a scary tool to use, for both you and your dog. You want to keep your dog as comfortable as possible and reduce the risk of pain and bleeding. You also want to make sure they are easy and comfortable for you to use so that you can clip the nails a quickly as possible.

This buying guide will help you decide which type of dog nail clippers is right for you.


You need to pick the right size of clipper for your dog’s nails. A brand designed for small dogs is not gonna cut it with your 60lb Labrador.

Look out for brands that have a range of sizes for both smaller and larger dogs.


Once you clip the nails, you’re going to get dirt and debris caught int hem. To keep the clippers working well, you’ll need to give them a good clean after each use.

Stainless steel clippers are ideal for cleaning easily and keeping them bacteria free.


I can’t state how important the handle grip is, especially when you’re trying to stabilize a nervous dog. The last thing you want is for the handle to slip and cause a cut at the wrong angle.

Look for clippers that have a soft, rubberized handle with indents to get a good grip, with one quick squeeze.


The material the clipper is made from will affect how well they cut. You want the scissors to stay as sharp as possible for each cut.

Stainless steel is durable and you can use sharpening tools to sharpen the blade.


A good set of nail clippers will cost around $10 and a grinder upwards of $45.

Remember that some style may need regular maintenance with new blades. A grinder will also need batteries and charging facility. Plus you’ll regularly need to replace the sanding bands over time.

Safety features

Good brands will come with different safety features. This can be finger guards, quick release or lock feature when not in use.

Consider your dog’s behavior when they get their nails cut. These features may save you from a nasty cut if your dog makes one swift move as you cut.

Benefits of Clipping Your Dog nails at home

Save Money

Being able to cut your dog nails will save you having to fork out your hard earned dollars to a groomer or your vet.

The charge can be anything ranging from $10-$25 dollars for a few minutes work. Because dogs need their nails trimmed regularly, that fee adds up over time.

Improve your dog’s health

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is essential to their health. Long nails can cause your dog irreversible nerve damage, discomfort, and posture problems.

Regular trims will save your dog from developing these issues over time.

Prevent pain

Long nails are painful for dogs to walk on. Once the nail reaches floor length, it starts to put pressure on your dog’s foot and leg.

Trim your dog’s nails regularly. Aim to keep them from reaching the floor as they walk.

Save your furniture

Your furniture, flooring, and carpets will thank you for regular trimming. The nails are less like to snag on these items and cause damage.

You’ll also save your sanity from hearing the clicking of nails across your floor all day.


You can’t beat being able to care for your dog yourself. Its so fulfilling to know you are looking after them, even with a simple nail trim.

Once your dog realizes they get a treat during nail trims, they quickly grow to tolerate them.

Dog Nail Clippers FAQ

What are dog nail clippers?

The Special design of dog nail clippers let you cut your dog nails down to a good length.

Can I use regular Scissors or clippers?

No, regular scissors and clippers will hurt your dog. The contour of dog nail clippers applies the least amount of pressure on the nails as they are being cut.

If you prefer not to use dog nail clippers at home, you can get a dog groomer or your vet to do it for you. Regular maintenance is costly overtime.

Where to buy dog nail clippers

You can purchase dog clippers from any good pet store or vet surgery. I recommend buying a good brand from Amazon. You can check reviews from other pet owners, and they are usually a lot cheaper than you’ll find in stores. A lot of the clippers on Amazon also come with lifetime warranties.