Best Food for Corgi Puppy

Having a Corgi puppy as a pet comes with great responsibility and care towards them. While these furry bundles of joy can fill your heart with love, you need to ensure that they are well taken care of. 

The most important aspect of raising a puppy is to take care of their nutritional requirements. Thus, before you jump on the bandwagon of raising a Corgi puppy, take notes for dos and don’ts in their diet. 

Corgis as Pets

Corgi puppies are friendly and adorable little ones that would light up your life and home. However, these faithful little creatures need a lot of attention to their bodies and nutrition. Hence, vets have an overview of what these puppies eat, how many times a day they should be fed, and, most importantly, how much food should be given to them. 

Corgi Food Behavior

Corgis are one of the most food-loving dog breeds. As a result, due to their love for food, they often fail to stop themselves from eating only what their dietary requirements are. Thus, it can lead to overweight Corgis. Obesity in dogs often comes with other health-related complications, which can be as grave as slowed metabolism, diabetes, and heart failure. 

Simultaneously, while the love for food possessed by Corgis might be a problem, it can also help train them and help them understand things. For example, they tend to learn interesting tricks in exchange for their favorite treats, which makes them one of the easiest breeds to train.

Nevertheless, the nutrients found in their food comes not only from their daily meals but their treats as well. Corgis are excessively fond of food and regulating their food intake is necessary for Corgi owners.

How Much Does a Corgi Puppy Eat in a Day?

Their love for food often clouds their judgments about when they feel full and need to stop eating. As a result, they will end up eating whatever they are offered without realizing the grave concerns that it could result in. If not stopped, they will continue to dig deep into their kibble until they reach the end of the bowl. Thus, the responsibility is on the Corgi owner. 

How Much Should a Corgi Be Fed in a Day?

The amount of food to be given to your Corgi puppy will continue to change with their age. Corgis, like puppies, need more food than adults would require. Thus, their diet should be set based on how old they are. 

As a puppy, corgis need to be fed almost half a cup twice a day. Both their meals are to be evenly spaced out throughout the day. For instance, if one meal is given at 8 am, the second meal should be at 8 pm. 

The food guide mentioned above can only be used as a baseline to determine the amount of food a Corgi puppy needs. This amount will tend to vary for several factors that are related to the dog as well as the food that is mentioned below. 

The Caloric Value of Food

Each food brand for Corgis will have different ingredients in their food, and hence, their caloric value will be different. Therefore, in order to ensure that the Corgis are being fed right, it is essential to analyze the nutritional information printed on the back of the food packet. 

On average, Corgi puppies need seven hundred to eight hundred calories a day. Thus, based on the brand that they are being fed, their average amount of food needs to be determined. 

Level of Activity of Corgis

Corgi puppies that are physically active throughout the day will have higher caloric requirements. Thus, if the puppy is maintaining optimum day-to-day activities, they should be fed more food. However, if they are supporting a sedentary lifestyle, they should be provided lesser amounts of food. 

Gender of the Corgi

Male Corgi puppies have higher nutritional requirements than female Corgi puppies. Thus, based on their gender, their food intake should be determined accordingly. Female Corgis should be fed less to avoid obesity, and males should be fed more so that they get the proper nutrition they need.

Additional Treats

Corgi owners often need to motivate them with treats as add-ons to their daily diet to help satisfy their love for food. Thus, depending on how often you feed them treats, you might want to reduce the amount of food that needs to be given to them. On days when they are given additional treats, the amount of food for their meals can be reduced. 

The Current Weight of the Puppy

The daily food requirement of a Corgi puppy is dependent on its weight as well. For Corgi puppies with higher weight, their daily food intake should be reduced. Reducing their food intake will make them burn their existing fat build-up in the body. Likewise, underweight puppies should be fed more often, and the amount of food given to them should be higher as well. It will help them to gain weight by building more muscle mass and fulfilling their daily caloric requirements. 

Age of the Puppies

The younger the puppies are, the more food they need for their development and growth. All dogs need to eat more while young, regardless of race, and Corgis are no different. They are more active, consume more calories, and require healthier nutrition to become robust dogs. You may feed your Corgi pups 4 times a day without fearing that they’ll be packing excessive weight with four bowls of food. Over time, dogs become less active, and development slows down; these portions will have to fall.

Puppies between 3 and 6 months of age should consume just three full meals a day. Once pups are six months old, they should take two meals every 24 hours before their first birthday. Feeding the dogs once a day and again at night will help them distribute calories correctly and disseminate energy throughout the day. You need to reduce their daily intake into just one dish of food every day after your pups reach their first birthday. However, you may choose to provide your dog with two more light meals based on your daily activity and other comparable circumstances. 

Best Food for Corgi Puppies

1. Royal Canin Small Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin small puppy dry dog food Royal Canin small puppy dry dog food is specifically tailored to pups who will weigh 9-22 pounds as adults and are between 0 and 10 months old. The meal includes the following ingredients: chicken, dried peas, brown rice, protein, and poultry fats. Its concentrated nutrition gives tiny pups enough energy to sustain their fast-paced development. For pups with smaller jaws and finicky appetites, its tiny kibble size is unique. Not only does it include antioxidants and vitamins, but it promotes healthy immune systems with a proprietary mix. The puppy meal is rich in protein and prebiotics, which aid with digestion. On Amazon, the product is rated five stars based on 2,000 reviews.

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2. Diamond Premium Puppy Complete

Diamond Premium Puppy CompleteIt is an option for dry food for dogs that contains a wide range of essential food groups as required by the puppies.

The food contains chicken, corn, wheat flour, chicken fat, along with several vitamins and minerals that help boost the health of the puppies.

Based on the ingredients, it is evident that the Diamond premium provides fats, proteins, antioxidants as well as vitamins to puppies that are essential for their growth and a healthy fur coat.

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3. Wag Dry Dog Food

Wag Dry Dog FoodIt is one of the most sold products on Amazon mainly due to its high protein content.

High protein content in this food contributed by chicken, lentils, peas, and pea proteins help boost the growth of your puppies as well as provide them with essential nutrients including fats, vitamins especially vitamin B12 as well as healthy fats.

This food is a treat for the taste buds of puppies as the recipes have been created under the supervision of veterinarians.

Most importantly, it contains no added colors, preservatives, or wheat-based products that can upset your puppies’ stomach.

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4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection FormulaIt contains high-quality protein made from naturally raised chicken which helps your dog develop and maintain strong muscles; it also contains nutritious whole grain, garden vegetables, and fruit.

Blue Life Protection Formula Puppy Food, specially designed for pups, has DHA and ARA, essential fatty acids present in the mother’s milk for cognitive and retinal health support.

A precise mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals is carefully chosen for the health of the immune systems, life stages, and a good oxidative balance by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists.

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5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Super Premium Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Super Premium Dry Dog FoodThe Rachael Ray food is made from natural chickens raised on farms in the United States.

They do not contain any wheat-based products, including soy, corn, or any other gluten-based ingredients that can cause diarrhea in some puppies.

The food is also free of any artificial flavors or preservatives that make it absolutely safe for the consumption of puppies.

Furthermore, all-natural foods can serve as a great way of enhancing the health of your puppies without compromising on their health.

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Requirements for a Corgi Diet

Not all calories are created the same, as you know. You definitely have to be careful about what you provide to your Corgis and the nutrients it contains based on how frequently you use a particular food and how often you feed your pets. If you need to ensure that your Corgis are happy, healthy, and active, they need a specific emphasis on various nutrients.

The vital nutrients that are an integral part of a Corgi puppy’s diet are listed below.

  • Beta-carotene
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C

The nutrients mentioned above are required in minute amounts as they act as antioxidants and assist in various activities inside the puppy’s body. Along with these micronutrients, your puppy would need a regular supply of the following macronutrients as well.


Your pups will also require a lot of fat to develop and remain healthy. Fatty foods may cause harm and perform vital functions in their bodies, so take additional caution. Of course, omega-3 fatty acids are the finest fatty acid you can ever provide for your pups or docosahexaenoic acid, which is necessary for the healthy development of your puppy. Good substitution comes as medium-chain triglycerides present in coconut oil. Followed by coconut oil, the dogs can fulfill their fat requirements with chicken, beef, and lamb. 


Protein is a crucial building block for effective muscular development and a cornerstone of a balanced diet, so it’s not surprising that your Corgi cups should also eat this ingredient. Dogs can be fed concentrated foods or whole foods. Concentrated foods have their moisture removed from the meat, but the entire foods include unprocessed, natural foods.  While concentrated foods are a great source of protein, it is considered healthy to choose whole foods, such as chicken, fish, beef, and lamb, as protein sources as well.

What Shouldn’t You Feed Corgis

There are specific foods and classes of foods that your Corgi puppies must never be fed. Some of these are mentioned below:


All carnivorous canines, including Corgi puppies, are required, essentially, to avoid grains of all forms. However, some may be moderately utilized, like rice, oats, and barley. Nevertheless, the same cannot be said for wheat, soy and maize. These grains are to be avoided altogether. 


 Dogs are carnivores and have relatively low dietary carbohydrates need to survive. They receive everything they need from protein and fat. However, they can on occasion be fed sweet potatoes as a source of healthy carbohydrates as a treat. 

Pros and Cons of Maintaining a Healthy Diet for Corgi Puppies

There are several advantages of maintaining a healthy diet for Corgi puppies. However, there are little to no disadvantages associated with it. 


  • Optimum Weight

By looking after the dietary requirements of your puppies, corgi puppies might end up being overweight or gain extra weight. Both conditions are dangerous and can lead to serious complications related to their health. Thus, the quantity and quality of their food needs to be analyzed frequently to ensure that they get just the right amount of food. This way, they will not be receiving less than their required nutrition and neither extra nutrition that will build up as fat in their body. 

  • Stable Growth

The right amount of food for corgi puppies will continue to grow according to their average growth milestones. They must receive adequate nutrition that will provide the energy needed to carry out vital processes in their bodies and meet their developmental goals. 

  • Good Fur Condition

By taking all adequate, necessary nutrients in their diet, the Corgi puppies will get good nutrition for their skin and fur as well. Good protein intake ensures that your puppies fur has enough collagen to remain healthy and healthily grow a new skin coat as they continue to grow. 

  • Healthy Teeth and Bones

The right micronutrients in your puppies food will ensure that they get the calcium and phosphorus required for having healthy teeth and bones. Calcium and phosphorus strengthen the bone matrix and hence, make them resistant to injuries.

  • Higher Level of Daily Activity

When they get adequate nutrition and the right calories per their body weight, they will be more playful and active. As a result, your expectations with your furry friends will continue to be met, along with a stronger bond between you and your loving puppy. 


  • Time Management

Coming up with the right diet plan for your Corgi puppies and then implementing it might be time consuming. However, it is worth the effort as it will leave a positive mark on their health. 

  • Requires Effort

Since there is no fixed rule for feeding corgi puppies, corgi owners need to find what best fits their little friends. Doing this requires constant effort to ensure that they get the adequate nutrition they require. Each Corgi puppy needs a customized diet plan based on their level of activity and body weight. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, Corgi puppies need the attention of their owners to ensure that they get all their food-related needs fulfilled. The dietary requirements mentioned are essential to ensure the health and happiness of your corgi puppy. For their love of food, corgi puppies tend to overeat often and gain extra weight, which is detrimental to their health. Likewise, inadequate nutrition can have its own adverse effects on their health. Thus, before you get a Corgi puppy, ensure that you choose the right food for them. This review based on the five best foods for Corgi puppies available in the market can help you make the right decision as well. The guide to the right nutrients necessary for Corgi puppies can help you determine if you have chosen the right food for your furry friends. If not, do not wait anymore and switch to the food that will boost the growth of your corgi puppies and avoid any developmental delays. 

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