Best Snacks for Puppies — Top 5 Natural Picks for Your Puppy

Snacks are an integral part of a puppy’s diet as they help them enjoy a wide variety of foods other than their regular food. So, if you are looking to train your puppies by offering them treats, here is your guide to healthy snacks for puppies. 

Many fruits and vegetables make lovely treats for dogs. They are obviously nutrition-rich meals that make them healthy as treats. However, they are frequently convenient since many of them are basics you presumably have available for your household. Moreover, they have minimal calories, unlike many dog biscuits or similar treats. This really helps alleviate the difficulty that many of us face striking a balance between providing treats to our puppies and simultaneously maintaining their healthy weight of long-term health.

The Right Treat

There are some ground rules when choosing treats for your puppies. These are to be selected carefully considering several factors that are as mentioned below:

  • Ingredients

The most crucial factor to consider in a treat is to make sure that it has the right ingredients. The right ingredients include all those nutrients that are considered healthy for puppies. For instance, a high amount of carbohydrates in the treats can cause long-term complications for your puppies. You should only offer treats to your puppies that have high nutritional benefits, including dental and bone health. 

  • Calories

Puppies should be given treats that have low caloric values so that it does not cause weight gain. When giving a treat to your puppy, subtract the calories in the treat from their daily requirement. Pet owners should then regulate their puppies daily food intake according to that. 

  • Nutrition

Dogs have a limited nutrition requirement. However, these requirements are to be fulfilled at all costs. Thus, before feeding treats to your dog, make sure that they get all their essential nutrients from their regular food and then provide them treats.

How Often Should You Provide Treats?

Treats are an important component of positive strengthening and rewarding training, but you also have to be careful to balance your puppy’s treats with the total daily calories. Give them too many treats, and you will not only ruin their taste for food, but you may also have overweight and unhealthy dogs.

There is no restriction on how frequently you may do it, as long as you limit your treats to 10% of their daily calories. Some owners decide to feed one big cookie every day. Others feed a handful of kibbles one or two pieces at a time throughout the day. No treat is okay, too.

Top 5 Treats for Your Puppies

Of course, a commercial treat from businesses you rely on or homemade food made with the help of a qualified board veterinary nutritionist are two alternatives. Not every dog is going to accept each thing on this list. To find out what your dog loves, experiment with flavors and brands to see what your little furball likes. If you require additional treats which fall outside the 10 percent guideline, your puppy’s current food may also be used as a reward if you alter the format. Consider preserving a small number of their regular meals and turning them into smaller servings. If you feed fresh, you may use an ice cube tray to create tiny pieces or place small scoops of food on a baking sheet for convenience and baked to dehydrate.

Our five favorite treats are listed below.

1. Grandma Lucy’s Organic Baked Treat for Dogs

Grandma Lucy's Organic Baked Treat for DogsThis treat is available as a pack of three offering three different flavors for treats.

While ordering the bundle, you not only save money but also have three treat flavors available for your little friend.

The flavors included in the bundle are apples, blueberries, and pumpkin.

As a matter of fact, puppies are fond of all three flavors when it comes to treats.

Thus, if you want to give something extra to your puppies in terms of treats, this is your go-to product.


Easily Available: It can be easily ordered via Amazon and can have it delivered hassle-free to your doorstep. 

Cheap: The bundle is available for a price as low as $28.6, which is definitely a steal of a price. Not only will they last a long time, as treats are to be given in small portions, but they won’t put any strain on your budget either.  

No Harmful Ingredients: There are no adverse health effects associated with natural foods. They are made using all-natural ingredients and have no added artificial sweeteners or flavors that can negatively affect your puppies. However, the amount of the treat being offered needs to be regulated well in terms of calories. 


High Sugar Content: The fruits, especially apples and blueberries, are high in sugar, which can adversely affect a puppy’s health. It can cause diabetes if they are overfed. Therefore, one needs to keenly regulate the amount of treats offered to the puppies before feeding them.

Nutrition-Wise Unnecessary: These fruits have no essential nutrients that puppies cannot get from their regular food sources. Thus, if they get adequate nutrition from their regular food, they do not need it unless given for training purposes. 

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2. Best Bully Sticks 6-inch Gullet Thin Stick Dog Treats

Best Bully Sticks 6-inch Gullet Thin Stick Dog TreatsGullet sticks are hollow sticks that are made of premium quality, grass-fed beef. As your dog nibbles on these beef gullet dog treats, they also help brush away tar and plaque from their teeth. The gullet is also a natural source of chondroitin, which promotes joint health. Without additions, preservatives, or chemicals, it is completely digestible. Therefore, it is not only a nutritious option but also provides a plethora of benefits to your pups.

However, if you haven’t previously fed hard textured treats to your pups, start with a modest quantity such as a smaller stick or half a stick. Watch them to make sure they don’t have an allergic response. See whether they have digestive issues such as vomiting or diarrhea. If your dog develops difficulties, stop giving them the Gullet sticks and consult a veterinarian if necessary.


Rich Source of Nutrients: The Gullet sticks contain various nutrients, primarily fats, and proteins, that the pups require in moderate to high amounts, especially in their growth stage. It has 55% protein content which will not overload your puppy’s digestive tract with unnecessary nutrients. 

Contains A Lot of Fiber: The amount of fiber present in Gullet sticks is almost three percent which is in its crude form. This helps promote digestion and improves overall intestinal health. The fiber also regulates the blood flow in their body and their blood pressure as well. 

Promotes Dental Health: The gullet sticks are hard and crunchy. By biting on them, the dogs develop strength in their teeth. It also helps keep their teeth clean. 

Readily Available: They can easily be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. They are easy to source and are friendly on the pocket as well. It makes it easier to use as a treat for your puppies. 

No Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are not a wise choice for your furry fellows. The good news is that the Gullet sticks, loaded in nutrition and a plethora of benefits, have nearly zero carbohydrates in them. Thus, they are a healthier alternative to traditional sweet treats given to puppies. 


Causes Diarrhea: Due to high fiber content, puppies often find it hard to digest. Consequently, they are at risk of getting diarrhea. In such cases, a veterinarian should be contacted immediately. 

Gets Stuck in Teeth: Gullet sticks can often get stuck in the gaps between a puppy’s teeth. It can be challenging to remove and hence, can cause discomfort and pain. In the long run, if it is not removed in time, it can also cause permanent damage to the puppy’s denture. 

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3. Wet Noses Little Stars Dog Training Treats

Wet Noses Little Stars Dog Training TreatsWet Noses Little Stars are not only loaded with nutritious elements, but they also comes in cute little stars that your furry friends would totally adore.

The key ingredient of this treat is peanut butter that according to veterinarians, has numerous health benefits.

This particular brand also focuses on providing healthy food options as a treat that would appeal to your puppy’s taste buds and will help them learn all the tricks that you have to teach.


Low Calories: Since treats are additional calories for your puppy, a low-calorie treat makes it a great option. Therefore, they can be fed on a daily basis to your puppy when training. 

Rich Nutrients: It contains loads of proteins and other components that provide extra nutrients to puppies. These nutrients are not essentially provided from their regular food.

Organic Food: These treats are made from a hundred percent organic nutrients to ensure that your little ones get nothing but the best.


Diarrhea: If the amount of these biscuits fed to your puppies is not regulated, it can cause congestion of the digestive tract and often causes diarrhea too. Thus, the number of biscuits as well as when to give these to your puppies should be determined after taking all their aspects into account. 

Allergy: Your fur baby, just like humans, may be allergic to peanuts which can cause an adverse reaction after consumption of this treat. Therefore, it should be given in smaller portions at first to ensure that there is no allergic reaction observed.

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4. Wellness Natural Pet Food Grain-Free Crunchy Puppy Bites Chicken & Carrots Recipe Dog Treats

Wellness Natural Pet Food Grain-Free Crunchy Puppy Bites Chicken & Carrots Recipe Dog TreatsThese delectable grain-free soft snacks are created with two types of fresh meat, puppy-specific vitamins, and a natural supply of DHA to support healthy brain development. These moist and appetizing snacks are prepared with whole fruits and vegetables, including superfoods like blueberries and sweet potatoes, for an irresistible taste and antioxidant boost.

They are made with delectable delights made with simple, natural, high-quality ingredients carefully selected for their nutritional value. There are no additional meat by-products, artificial colors, flavoring, or preservatives. These bite-sized soft treats are ideal for rewarding your dog’s excellent behavior during training sessions or at any other time.


Helps Reduce Weight: It is one of the best choices of foods as treats for puppies that are overweight. Giving these as a reward may help your dog lose weight as long as you also take steps to improve their activity and limit their normal diet.

Nutritious Alternative For High Sugar Treats: Green beans may be the ideal replacement for the low-calorie treat we’ve been waiting for. If your puppies are missing some essential nutrients in their diet, they can get it in the form of a treat.

Prevention Against Diseases: Puppy obesity leads to a wide range of health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, renal illness, and certain malignancies. To make matters worse, carrying excess pounds may reduce the life expectancy of your dog by up to two years. Thus, since this treat is a healthier option, it reduces the chances of obesity and helps prevent many other diseases as well.


Can Cause Dietary Deficiencies: The substitution of up to half your dog’s dry food with these puppy bites may lead to dietary weakness of highly required protein, amino acids, vitamins, and even too much decrease in calories, causing fast weight loss and nutritional problems.

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5. N-Bone Puppy Teething Treats

N-Bone Puppy Teething TreatsN-Bone provides many health advantages and great taste. Most puppies really enjoy devouring semi-hard food as a treat when they undergo the process of teething. This treat serves this purpose as it is easier for the puppies to bite when their teeth are growing. Since it’s yummy and it relieves their pain, it serves as a great motivation for them during training. 

You should never give an unregulated amount of any treat to your dog as it can lead to serious health-related complications. Likewise, since it contains chicken, soy, wheat, and gluten-containing products, make sure that it best fits your puppy.


Rich Source of Fiber: Due to wheat-based content, these are a great source of dietary fiber that helps the digestive system work better. Regular consumption of fiber reduces the risk of heart disease and some kinds of cancer in dogs. 

Contain Calcium: The N-Bone Puppy Teething Treats contain a fair amount of calcium. The calcium helps bones and teeth, especially in growing puppies, as most of the food sources given to puppies lack calcium. Therefore, it is an excellent treat to help your puppies survive their growth spurts in the healthiest possible ways. 

Soothe Toothache and Sore Gums: The N-Bone Puppy Teething Treats have a pliable texture that makes them best suited for little puppies whose teeth are growing. Teething can be a painful process for puppies where they not only experience pain in the growing tooth but may end up having sore gums too. However, if you offer these treats, your puppies may not experience these issues. It will alleviate their pain and make the teething process smoother. 


Rich In Gluten-Based Products: The N-Bone Puppy Teething Treats are rich in whet-based products and have gluten in them. There is a chance that your puppy might be allergic to gluten which can result in inflammation in their intestine as well as severe diarrhea. Hence, one needs to look out for any signs and symptoms of gluten intolerance in their puppies and immediately discontinue it. 

Overconsumption Can Be Detrimental: In extreme cases, the overconsumption of calcium in a diet can lead to calcification of soft bones and tissues, which results in loss of their elasticity as well as hyperkalemia, toxic high levels of calcium in the blood, can affect the functions of the heart too. Therefore, it is better to consult a veterinarian or pet nutritionists to formulate the right amounts you can give to your little friends.

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Final Verdict

Each of the available options for these treats comes with its pros and cons. There is nothing like the best treat for puppies. It is a decision that is to be made based on your puppy, as every puppy is different. Just like human babies, they need to be offered a variety of food and then observe what they like the best and what suits all their nutritional and health requirements. Thus, it is crucial for puppy owners to take their puppies’ needs into account before choosing the right treat for them. Treats are essential to training dogs, and hence, they make an integral part of a dog’s diet. However, if you have a puppy and you plan to introduce a new treat to them, make sure that you look into any signs of indigestion or allergic reactions. In case of any adverse reactions, a veterinarian should be contacted immediately. 

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